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Once upon a time, there was a girl called Cinderella. Cinderella is lived happily with her mother and father until her mother died. Feel that Cinderella needs a mother figure in his life, Cinderella’s father remarries to a woman who has two daughters of her own.
Unfortunately, Cinderella's father dies and she lived only with her stepmother and stepsisters. They were very bossy, she had to do all the housework.
One day on invitation to the hall come to the family. The King invited for all the eligible ladies in the kingdom so as to find Prince a wife. Her stepsisters would no let her go. Cinderella was sad. The stepsisters went to the hall without her.
Fortunately, the fairy Godmother came and helped her to get to the hall with the wave of magic wand, helped prepared Cinderella for the hall. The fairy does warn her that is magic will end at a stroke of midnight, so she must leaved the hall before than.
At the hall all people surprised when Cinderella arrived. And then the…

Princess Laiamon and Crocodile (a folktale from Kalimantan)

Laiamon was the daughter of Dayak chief. One day, she went to the river to take a bath. She was swimming when a crocodile held her leg.  a folktale from Kalimantan “Oh, please don’t eat me!” cried Laiamon. “Hohoho!” laughed the crocodile. “I won’t let you go. I like eating pretty girls very much.” Laiamon was aclever girl. She then said, “My father is a chief. He is a rich man. He will give you anything you want if you set me free.”  a folktale from Kalimantan  “Is it?” asked the crocodile. “Yes,” replied princess Laiamon. “OK,” said the crocodile, “tell your father to give me a baby to eat every day.”  a folktale from Kalimantan  The crocodile let Laiamon go. Quickly, Laiamon swam to the river bank and went home. She told what she had experienced to her father. Her father then called his people to discuss what the crocodile had asked.  a folktale from Kalimantan  The next day, the chief and his people went to the river. They bought a pig for the crocodile. “Good morning, Crocodile,” said the …

Abandoned by megan

My story starts online in March. No it is not the smartest way to meet someone but I didn't mean for it to happen. I met him and from the start we were both hooked. He lived across the country from me. But he moved to the state I was in. I only saw him once in the four months that he was there due to the fact that his multiple jobs were so demanding. The beginning of July he moved back because his cancer was back and his doctors were back home. I started to plan to move to be with him because of how in love we were and we were planning to spend our lives together. Well we decided that I should fly over for a week and look at apartments, jobs, etc.

I left in the middle of July on a Saturday. I got there Saturday night. Sunday we were fine, Monday we seemed to be fine and than early Tuesday he woke up and told me that he was going to go pick up his mom (she had been in the hospital) and would be back later. Well he never came back. He abandoned me in a half paid hotel…

Life Is Cruel But learn to deal with it by Allie

I'm a shy quite Girl so when I met my ex boyfriend in high school I was scared of the possibility that we would never work. 3 years later we were still together and happy after high school we were still together for about a year. We broke up because I walked in on him with one of our friends and I could never forgive him so I had to say goodbye and move on with my life. I kept busy with school and work I lived with two of my best friends who were there for me. I was single for two and half of years had no hook up I just forces on me and my career.

My best friend Alyssa was getting married and I felt like she need a getaway before her wedding so Alyssa, Ashley, and myself took a trip to Hawaii. We had a great time until One day we were sitting at a bar and grill and these two men walk in. One was super cute and the other was okay. We came to find out the cute one was watching me when I went to the bar to pick up our drinks and when I walked back he watched me walk ba…

Trying to fight by Claire B

My story starts in 7th grade, even though I'm only in 8th, a lot has happened since then. I'm Claire by the way. 13 years old. don't read this if you judge but ok yeah anyways.

The first day I walked into a public school I was like "fuck yeah it's middle school yayy" but really no. It was hell, pure hell. I got called fat by 2 eighth graders and oh it gets better because that's the first week only. After three weeks I was getting called names by a lot of people I didn't even know... one of the eighth grade popular girls walked by me with all her friends and said "oh this one's really ugly." I looked at them and said "what?" and they said " oh and she's a dumb ass too! How nice, see you late caterpillar eyebrows" and I just ran in to the bathroom and started crying. That's when I started cutting . I had cut before but only once that was because I was getting made fun of in 6th grade. But anyways I…

My story about love from sean

Sorry it doesn't have good grammar, or whatever. If you wanted to just stay friends. Then why the f**k would you carry on acting like we were together. Don’t you see that it’s hard enough. Dealing with the pain of not having you beside me. So make it easier for me. Don’t let me hang on to you with a thin rope. I’m so confused.I just need one shot to settle down and I chose you

Just give a chance to love
This is my story to you. Moving on is just too hard for me.I say it’s over but you cant read my mind. You don't know what I've been thinking, no one does. I'm a head full of mysteries that are lost within, deep within.

To you it might be only a game, a harsh game at that But deep inside it’s tearing me up slowly, painfully.
This is me telling you what I think. You can be angel but might Also a devil. I got to admit that You took my breath away when I first saw you. Like a leap into freezing cold water. And then began something I didn't expect. I don…

He broke me from -love-girl-

So there was this new kid that moved here. He was kinda a bad kid. but once you got to know him. He was pretty cool. I thought I'd never have a chance with him.. then the summer after he moved here we were hanging out and he told me he liked me. We grew closer as time went by and he asked me out. of course I said yes, I had fallen in love with him the minute he moved here....

He has had a hard home life and one night we were laying there and he was telling me about his family and stuff that has happened and he started crying... It made me feel good that he could talk to me about these things. Because he couldn't talk to anyone else about them.. His dad was kind of abusive and his mom never really listened. I was the only one there for him... One night we were laying there talking and he was telling me that he was probably moving back to his home town.... It really hurt to know that he wasn't going to be around much longer.... We talked about it and he asked …

I will never have true love from farida

This is the story or a girl who fell in love but it's too late. That girl is me. I've known him for five years, he has loved me for two years, and yet...I realized how deep my feelings are for him...When I left Egypt. I lived in Egypt for most of my life, but currently I live in England. My father's job is the reason why I travel, we have been to Dubai, Lebanon, France, Egypt and England. I'm still fifteen, and I've lived in that much places. I never minded travelling. In fact I love travelling, but when it depends on losing your friends, its a bit hard. I was in Egypt when my father got his job in England. I was thirteen, and it was very hard for me to leave my best friends...It was also a bit hard to say goodbye to him knowing that he does love me.

I never thought that I'm the kind of girl who would ever fall in love, but when my father told me we are going to England it hit me. I did love him too..I tried to tell him that I can't leave, but…

A bestfriend going through a hard time


Okay, my story starts when I was in 5th grade (now I'm in 11th) anyway, I made lots of new friends, which I was in resource. Though I made great friends and still have them. My first day of school I was terrified! I mean it was scary for me, I literally was crying.

well anyway me and this girl became friends, her name was April. She became my best friend. She was funny, cool and a little crazy. April was the best friend I could ever ask for. She was a year older than me but we were in the same grade, we were in all the same classes all the way up to 9th and even then we had a few classes together. We always hung out and always acted crazy in the halls:) we acted like we owned the we weren't popular, but we did have lots of friends. I have lots of friends still today, but I ain't popular and I'm glad. When I was in 4th grade I got made fun of, though now days I just look down on the few people that …

Literary Devices in Prose and Poetry

if you not understand you can use google translate because i lazy to write indonesia,, just kidding..

There are three literary devices found in prose and poetry. These are:
Consonance - repeating the final consonant sounds of words. Writers usually focus on the accented syllables or the more important words to use in this technique.Alliteration - repetition of the first sounds of words that are fairly close together. A common example of alliteration is the tongue twister.Assonance - repetition of vowel sounds to set the mood or add to the meaning of the word. Assonance Poems: Changing the Mood The way you use assonance can change the mood of the poem:
Long vowel sounds will decrease the energy at that point in the poem and make the mood more serious.Higher vowel sounds will increase the energy and lighten the mood. The first of the examples of assonance poems is an excerpt from Bells by Edgar Allan Poe:
From the second stanza:
Hear the mellow wedding bells, Golden bells! What a world of…

rpp berkarakter untuk sd


RPP dan Silabus Matematika Berkarakter SMP/MTS Kelas 7, 8, dan 9 Terbaru

met malam saya mau bagi rpp & silabus matematika nih Silabus adalah rencana pembelajaran pada suatu dan/atau kelompok mata pelajaran/tema tertentu yang mencakup standar kompetensi, kompetensi dasar, materi pokok/pembelajaran, kegiatan pembelajaran, indikator, penilaian, alokasi waktu, dan sumber/bahan/alat belajar. Silabus merupakan penjabaran standar kompetensi dan kompetensi dasar ke dalam materi pokok/pembelajaran, kegiatan pembelajaran, dan indikator pencapaian kompetensi untuk penilaian (BSNP, 2006: 14). RPP merupakan singkatan dari Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran, RPP adalah rencana yang menggambarkan prosedur dan pengorganisasian pembelajaran untuk mencapai satu kompetensi dasar yang ditetapkan dalam Standar Isi dan di jabarkan dalam Silabus. Lingkup Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran paling luas mencakup 1 (satu) kompetensi dasar yang terdiri atas 1 (satu) indikator atau beberapa indikator untuk 1 (satu) kali pertemuan atau lebih. Contoh RPP dan Silabus Matematika SMP/MTS ini …